Corey Campbell and Jenna Desmond of Babe Club met in college in 2013. Desmond, a psychology student, would sneak into the piano practice rooms to write songs. There she met Campbell, who was studying music. Shortly after meeting, they began sharing demos back and forth. After college, they toured together in the indie rock band Susto, in which they played supporting roles while continuing to hone their own separate collaboration. Eventually, everything came together to form Babe Club.

Capturing Blondie’s mid-’70s New Wave era and the spirit of early ‘90s alt-rock sensation PJ Harvey, Babe Club’s sound is marked by raw guitars, textural synths and lustrous drum beats.
With a writing style reminiscent of Aimee Mann and Patti Smith, their alluring melodies are fused with powerfully evocative and existential lyrics that explore self-realization, honest emotions, friendship and love.

Babe Club released its debut song “Hate Myself” in October 2018, garnering the attention of NPR’s New Music Friday playlist.

Babe Club has recently finished recording its debut EP.