Brave Baby is Keon Masters, Wolfgang Zimmerman, Christian Chidester, Jordan Hicks and Steven Walker. Their second album Electric Friends will be released on Hearts & Plugs Records on August 14. The release follows their 2012 debut Forty Bells which established the band as local pop darlings in their hometown and launched a touring schedule that has seen the band log countless miles on the road, playing over 150 shows to audiences across the U.S.

“With Electric Friends, our goal was to further explore in ways we didn’t with Forty Bells,” says singer Keon Masters. “From the psychedelic to the incredibly sober corners of our minds and emotions. The last record was a lot of “what do we want to sound like?” with this one, it was very much, “this is what we sound like, now let it spill.”

Electric Friends was produced by drummer Wolfgang Zimmerman who also produces and serves as a director of sorts for a number of up and coming bands in Charleston’s burgeoning indie scene. It was recorded in the band’s storage unit–turned-intimate-studio in Charleston and in studios throughout the Carolinas. Featuring Christian Chidester (guitar/background vocals), Jordan Hicks (bass), Keon Masters (guitar/vocals), Steven Walker (keyboards/ background vocals), Wolfgang Zimmerman (drums/vocals), Electric Friends further cements Brave Baby’s ability to tap transcendent pop that goes well beyond their borders.