Effortlessly spinning airy yet penetrating melodies over indie-pop riffs, Cayla Fralick is an impressive singer-songwriter whose powers are only growing.

After leading the local band kemp ridley, which disbanded in 2013, Fralick pursued an MFA in creative writing at the University of South Carolina and then moved to Baton Rouge in 2016.

The time spent honing her fiction writing — and then away from her home of Columbia, SC — has paid dividends for her music. While living in an unfamiliar city led to loneliness, that loneliness fed Fralick’s creativity, and her lyrical and musical talents blossomed.

Now back in Columbia, Fralick has hit her musical stride on the powerful album Anyway, Here. The album, writes Free Times, “feels like a remarkable fruition of talent and labor, journeying through the power and frailty of intimate communication with consummate skill and tenderness, both musically and lyrically.” With her thoughtful, well-crafted songs backed by robust guitars, listeners will hear both the beauty and the power of her music.

Following the path of other highly talented and deeply introspective ‘90s-influenced artists such as Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker, Cayla Fralick is a musician with both passion and vision. On Anyway, Here, she takes a major step forward in developing that vision.