E.Z. Shakes (a.k.a. Zach Seibert) rests securely among the giants of the singer songwriter genre. Born with the birthright and marinated in the mud of the deep South, Shakes’ musical roots inch their way down and deep in the substratum of American folk music, which in his own way, he mixes up and serves with a splash of Country Western. Shakes’ writing is never tired or cliche in content. He offers up something fresh and honest, gritty and gutsy in an industry saturated in the synthetic. Much of his music has an air of melancholy that rests easy over melodic swells and could serenade even the most cynical into entering the mire that is the human condition. Working his craft through narrative, each song tells a story rather than making a statement. With guitar in hand, a weathered voice and minimal accompaniment, Shakes seems to transcend the expectation and set the standard for autobiographical songwriting.


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