“The frigid post-punk of Gláss casts a black, cold, spectral shadow. It has the kind of clamoring guitars and nimble groove of early 80s post-punk bands like Josef K, but with a much more downtrodden tone. Against a combination of jagged guitars, doomy bass lines, and darting percussion…chilly unaffected delivery is spine-tingling.” – Stereogum

“The Athens, Georgia by Greenville, SC trio bring the cold post-punky variété that blends a surf guitar riff that rifles up the foreboding chord cornucopia from Aáron Burke, Aryán Davani, and Sám Goldsmith in a hurricane frenzy that makes the pale of discontinuity an object of desire. Lyrics like “I can’t see my hand in front of my face, I can’t see my face in front of the glass” take the obfuscated perspectives and dash them into an apocalyptic rendering of Dick Dale progressions that are met with fatal stakes and an unsettled feel of finality that revolve around mortality obsessions heard in “the death of me” refrain”