Main Street Stage – 12:00

From the background to the foreground, Grace Joyner first made her way onto the Charleston, South Carolina music scene as a harmony singer in several bands, most notably Brave Baby and Elim Bolt. After years in a supporting role, Joyner felt compelled to explore her own vision through her own songwriting.

In the fall of 2013, Joyner presented a batch of songs she had written, yet never played for anyone, to her former band mate Wolfgang Zimmerman, a talented drummer and regionally respected producer and engineer. The musical chemistry they shared since their days performing together in Brave Baby andElim Bolt carried over into the recording sessions, with Zimmerman’s intuitive production style providing a canvas for Joyner’s intimate and arresting voice. The result of these sessions would eventually become Joyner’s debut EP “Young Fools” ­– set for release on independent label Hearts & Plugs in Spring 2014.

Words from Grace Joyner on her debut EP – “Young Fools serves to reflect on a difficult, yet incredibly important time in my life. I think there is something valuable in admitting your mistakes, as well as recognizing the power within you to leave them behind. Somewhere in the middle of learning that getting hurt does not make you weak, I started the healing process – I started writing music.”