Main Street Stage – 3:00

If you are one who prefers their pop slightly off kilter with a side of fuzzy and buzzy, then South Carolina native Keath Mead has got the tunes for you. Recorded in Chaz Bundick’s (aka Tory Y Moi ) home studio, Mead’s debut album Sunday Dinnersounds like chilled out singer/songwriter plugged into the glitches and  bleeps of the information age.

On “Grow Up”, a lo-fi-bedroom-recording vibe quickly gives way to spacious harmonies, faint electronic warbles and a chorus that wouldn’t sound a bit out of  place on the charts in the early 70’s alongside the likes of 10cc and Todd Rundgren.  It’s young dood angst shot through a moog shaped Beach-Boys-tinted lens that grabs your ear with its subtle weirdness but hooks you with its sonic overload and, most importantly, heart.