Main Street Stage – 1:30

There aren’t any light moments on New American Jet Rock, the debut album by Athens punk band Shehehe. It announces itself loudly and immediately. It’s hard to understate the appeal of what Hannan calls the group’s “gang vocals”—that is, when the whole band is singing at once. Further, SheHeHe seems uniquely situated in its chosen genre, which is typically very male-oriented, macho and boys-club-ish.

Indeed, for decades, women in such groups have been relegated to support positions, although they’re often oxymoronically, decoratively, placed up front. But SheHeHe exists wildly outside of this; Shuck and Bechill are such essential parts of every process and performance that it feels old fashioned to even mention. Audiences trained on years, even decades of the old model, though, no doubt appreciate and respect this fresh-air aspect of the band very much.

-Gordon Lamb