Jam Room Music Festival and Fisheye Mastering are having a Gear Auction Sunday, August 6 at Art Bar.

$5 cover (anyone donating items gets in free), 21+ [sorry], doors at 3:00pm.
We’ll have door prizes for every 10th person of the first 100 to enter.
10-20 grab bags available for purchase for 10-20$ containing surprise gear.
We will be accepting select gear donations such as guitars, amps, pedals, PA and recording gear microphones ect.. (tax write-off receipts will be given for donations).
We will also accept select gear from individuals for auction. The JRMF benefit will take 20% commission of the sale price as a donation/auction fee.
Sponsored by Fisheye Mastering!! http://fisheyemastering.com/

3:00pm: doors
4:00pm: deadline for anyone dropping off gear for auction
3-6:00pm: all gear will be on display for inspection
10-20 grab bags available for purchase for 10-20$ containing surprise gear.
Main live auction begins at 6:00 followed by the no reserve auction. Target to be done by 8:00

Have any music gear around that you need to get out of the way? Either donate it to the festival to auction off [it’s tax deductible!] or let us help you sell it for a percentage of the proceeds. We’re looking for things like guitars, stomp boxes, amps, and recording/live sound equipment. Fill out this form with details about your gear and we will get back to you:https://goo.gl/forms/5m3GUltUzZ2ndmzt2


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